Large & Oversized Wall Clock

The Time Is Running Out!

Bring bold, eye-popping appeal to your walls with this striking oversized industrial wall clock. This clock is a perfect finishing touch to your industrial farmhouse-inspired interior.

Crafted from weathered-looking wood and rustic metal, this stunning oversized, circular wall clock lends a touch of simple chick style to your room. With its 41.5″ diameters the wall decor ensures it will make a big impact wherever you decide to hang it. With its light brown-grey finish and its 4 large metal Roman numerals you will never loose your time.

Display the wall clock over a stone-tiled fireplace or over a mute patterned wall paper in the living room.  Thereby, the patterns show through this clock’s openwork design and include some style break in the wall paper design. Our clock is hanging over a modern wooden cabinet with a light and dark brown finish. In the same time, the wall clock is surrounded by bright colored home accessories. One of our favorite home decor items on this cabinet is the faux Protea Flower Stem that stands out with its natural beauty.