Barn Wood Porcelain Tile for Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom isn’t many people’s favorite part of the house, though we all spend daily a lot of time in there. However, a good bathroom remodel can not only make the room look cleaner and more appealing, but also turn taking care of yourself into a spa-feel enjoyable experience.

Looking to refresh your bathroom? Here is a notable example showing you how one of our interior designers changed the entire look of a bathroom by replacing tiles, repainting the walls, installing new cabinets and more.

This bathroom was practical, but also old-fashioned with its creamy tiles and wall paint. It was a fitting example for a traditional outdated bathroom. Nevertheless, it was time to fresh up the beauty space to a spa-like comfort space.

The couple that hired out interior designer, Jessica Ware, was looking for a clean, simple restroom with a touch of rustic earth tones that would make them more relaxed during their morning preparations or enjoyable bath tube hours. They love the mix of modern colors and cabinet style with a bit of rustic accents.

With our interior designer, the couple choose a spa-like aesthetic color called Sherwin Williams SW9139 Debonair. This color was chosen to bring out the grayish blue tone in the flooring and link the atmosphere with nature.

The biggest impact on the bathroom has the elegant bath tub with the beautiful accent wall of tile which perfectly fits the bathroom concept.

The tile is one-of-a-kind with its honeycomb shape and realistic, earthy look. You would think its real wood, but the tile is made of porcelain which gives it an extra durability and ease of maintenance. The natural wood look gives the bathroom an elegant, organic, and unique style to home design. Wood’s natural imperfections and variations in color add interest and visual appeal.

This bathroom certainly benefited from the renovation it went through. It was a desirable choice to maintain the structure of the room, but the new colors, tiles, cabinets, and flooring give it a much relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.