How to choose the right counter stools for your kitchen?

New interior design project – Custom upholstered counter height stools for existing kitchen design.

Having an island or a bar in the kitchen is a pretty much must. It is a very functional stylish interior design feature to have, plus it gives you the opportunity to incorporate counter stools and kitchen accessories in your desired design.

Our talented interior designer, Jessica Ware, had the opportunity to advice a previous client with choosing the best fitting counter stools and light fixture for their kitchen. The client was looking for something that would best mimic the already built-in kitchen of their new house.

The kitchen island, the counter stools and the light fixture are important interior design elements as they represent the centerpiece of the kitchen. Altogether, these interior features elevate the style of the whole room.

Interior Design Tip – Measuring Guide for Counter Stools

Numerous types and styles of counter stools exist in the interior design world. For that reason, the right decision is based on view important criteria. Very important! If you are looking for counter seats, or bar seats, take note of the counter or bar height. Measure from the floor to the top of the counter and subtract approximately 10 inches from that number. As a result, this will leave enough space to sit comfortably with even legs crossed.

Another measurement you need to consider when buying counter or bar stools is the width of the seats. Those dimensions determine how many stools will fit comfortably in your space, so people can get in and out of their seats easily. Chairs with a width of 16-18 inches should have approximately 6 inches space between each other. On the other hand, seats 18 inches or wider, or if you choose stools with arms or swivels, need 8-10 inches space.

The counter stools we have chosen for the present project are custom upholstered chairs from Charleston Forge. The upholstery fabric selected is from Sherrill called WAYWARD TAUPE which perfectly complements the colors of the kitchen back splash. The light curved and crossed silver matte hand-hammered legs mimic the silver metal structure of the light fixture which was purchased from Hinkley Lighting. Altogether, an excellent choice for the transitional look of the kitchen.

Choosing the right counter stools can be scary. But that’s what our interior designers are for. If you need help finding and choosing the right seats for your kitchen, we are happy to help with your future purchase. We are a proud provider of interior design service in Bettendorf, Iowa.