Full Service Interior Design Studio in the Quad Cities

State Street Interiors

We don’t just furnish rooms, we finish them…

State Street Interiors is a full-service interior design studio in the Quad Cities providing the best in quality design and furniture.

EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN:  Our design team has established itself as a successful provider of exclusive and thoughtful home decor and design.  We hon in quickly on the individual tastes of each client.  Our clients fall in love with the end result.

PASSIONATE DESIGNERS:  Our design team is driven by a lifelong passion for design. Their mission is to help clients define themselves and to create a space they are proud to be in.

EXCLUSIVE STUDIO:  Our design team has a wide variety of furniture, home decor, blinds and head turning window treatments to create show stopping spaces with.  Clients stop in frequently to view our changing home decor accessories and furniture in our studio.

Setup a time to talk with one of our designers.  Don’t delay on creating your dream space.

Our History 

With a commitment to deliver exceptional design services for residential clients, Marie Johnson founded State Street Interiors in April 1974. Thanks to her dedicated team of talented and approachable designers, the company has grown into a highly respected interior design studio in the  Quad Cities.

In February 2017, Michelle Blunk took over ownership and was energized to further build on the 40+ years of great client service. Updated styles, a wide variety of pricing and an ability to create dream spaces ensure its success well into the future. State Street Interiors designers and staff place great importance on making your home beautiful!