Western Chic

On the Martini Side table: Rustic Spinning wheel combined in a western vignette with small Echeveria succulent and metal cactus on wood stand Etched Horn on Crystal and taupe pillow with nodes trim presented on wild mannered faux fur

Modern Glamour

Modern glamour vignette consist of white glimmer accessories, fabrics, wallpaper and accent pieces, such as white wooden flower on a silver nickle side table Clear infinity ornaments and silver mirror balls combined with furry white pillow Eye-catching massive crystal obelisk standing proud on the left side of the vignette  

Checkmate Vignette

White distressed wooden tray Vintage Golden bicycle on a wooden stand Blue interlaced Vases Vintage Chess sculpture pieces

Gold-White Design

Queen Headboard with golden nail heads stands out in the background of the Golden-White Vignette In the front, golden accessories are shimmering such as the¬†elongated golden metal stars, the rustic wooden candle holder with gold plated glass, the mercury lamp with a fine burlap shade or the glimmer glass vase The¬†Snow Lynx flurry throw purifies…

In Studio Home Office Vignette

The In Studio Home Office Collection includes a Sherril custom chair with golden fabric, a world map printed on metal with a reclaimed wood frame and, as greenery, grass in a black cylinder pot. The master piece of the vignette is the antique writing desk with ebony finish and golden accents.

Rich In Studio Living Room Vignette

Comfortable three seat sofa with extraordinary custom accent pillows and a dramatic oil painting with golden touch display comfort and luxury The centerpiece, a chic round cocktail table with glass surface and rich home decor pieces – two wine spheres in antique mercury glass and a silver plated metal branch