Interior Designers

Read below for details on the unique talents each of the State Street interior designers brings to their client projects.

Michelle Blunk: Owner, Interior DesignerMICHELLE BLUNK

Owner, Registered Interior Designer
Phone: 563-359-1655

Michelle is dedicated to excellence and masterfully brings together all the interior designers at State Street Interiors to create homes, spaces and rooms that clients are thrilled to show off and live in.

Jessica Ginneberge-Ware: Interior DesignerJESSICA GINNEBERGE-WARE

Interior Designer
Phone: 563-359-1655

Destined to design from early on, Jessica is expert in creating both comfortable and beautiful spaces.

What she loves most about designing is the ability to provide people with solutions that combine their needs with function without sacrificing fun and comfort. Driven by her clients’ dreams and visions, each interior design project becomes as unique as the individual who inspires it.

Wendy Anderson croppedWENDY ANDERSON

Interior Designer
Phone: 563-359-1655               

Wendy started out professionally within the engineering industry, and stemming from her passion branched out into interiors. She brings expertise in color to our interior design studio.

Wendy is gifted in understanding the  impact color has on feeling and mood.  She loves helping people through the various steps of the design process, unfolding each client’s own personal sense of home into a final head-turning result.


Interior Designer
Phone: 563-359-1655

Pat has provided interior design service to residential project with over 20 years of experiences. His passion is building lasting relationships with his clients through a highly collaborative and engaging design service. Pat enjoys helping people express their personal styles and creativity. Trust and confidence have been key to his success as a designer.