The Mood Color Wheel

Color is one of the most exciting elements of interior design. It has the power to change the entire mood and feeling of a room. The color options are overwhelming – about 10 million shades can be created with the color wheel and the levels of dark-light. 

The following chart displays a combination of the color wheel and the mood color board.

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The chart represents relationships between colors and their influence on mood and feelings. Designers use this chart to create basic color schemes for their projects.

Certain colors promote energy and excitement, while others create a more calm and relaxed atmosphere. 

Warm hues range from yellow to red-violet on the color wheel. They are often used for lively areas such as a conversational dining room, living room, and common spaces. These colors scream for attention.

Cool colors range from violet to yellow-green. They are often used for relaxation rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. These hues demand privacy.